What is Bozgratch?

One of my mentors was a blueprint checker for the old Austin Western equipment manufacturer. austin western graderBack in the days before computer assisted drafting  a “blueprint checker” made sure that everything NOT on the blueprint lined up with the details described ON the blueprint.  He was essentially a continuity controller.

Parts, like bolts, that were attached to or otherwise affected by the part in the drawing had to be accounted for and harmonious.  You couldn’t have a 1/2″ hole to receive a 3/4″ bolt, and if the part needed to swing 45º there couldn’t be an obstructing at 37º. It was a crucial job — but not always one well liked by the draftsmen — and at that time they were all men.

Sometimes the draftsmen had minor errors which could be easily corrected and my friend would annotate the corrections and return the drawing to the draftsman. Occasionally the drawing was so poorly done, or contained so many errors, expecting a bad drawing to become a good one was a waste of time.  In those cases he used the 1940’s version of a Magic Marker and wrote across the drawing:  Bozgratch!

There are a lot of little things in this world that just don’t line up.  Perhaps someone needs to re-do the drawing.  Other times I’m just venting. Either way, it’s my way of calling attention to things that are just Bozgratch.